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Conversations with Connie  

We also thank Connie Reece, our writer, who throughout the process applied ZOE 8 to her life and became a valuable contributing member not just to the book but also the ZOE family.

Ed & Elisa McClure
Eat Your Way to a Healthy Life
(Siloam, 2006)

First of all, I extend my love and appreciation to my brilliant coauthor, Connie Reece, who went beyond the call of duty in her tireless efforts to help me tell my story.

Lori Graham Bakker
More Than I Could Ever Ask
(Thomas Nelson, 2001)

To our new friends at Thomas Nelson Publishers and their associates, without whom none of this could have been transformed from memory to the printed page: Rolf Zettersten, Connie Reece, Kathie Johnson, the staff and friends.

John and Patsy Ramsey
The Death of Innocence: The Untold Story of Jon Benét's Murder
(Thomas Nelson, 2000)

I certainly thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for giving these words a chance to "become flesh." My heartfelt appreciation is extended to Lois de la Haba, my literary agent, as well as Rolf Zettersten, Janet Thoma, Connie Reece, and all the wonderful people who advised and praed with and for me through this process.

Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook
Too Blessed to Be Stressed
(Thomas Nelson, 1998)



from clients


For ten years Connie Reece worked for Thomas Nelson Publishers. She began as a copyeditor for book manuscripts. Connie was so good as a copyeditor that we decided to try her as a ghostwriter for a book. As usual she exceeded our expectations. Since that time she has ghostwritten a number of books for Thomas Nelson. Connie is an excellent researcher and a fine writer of both fiction and nonfiction.

Janet Hoover Thoma

literary agent.
former Senior Vice President for
Thomas Nelson Publishers


Connie Reece worked with our organization in the area of communi-cations, direct mail fundraising, and donor development. In that capacity she wrote numerous appeal letters, magazine articles, and book-length projects for publication. Connie was also instrumental in the creation of our monthly partnership program and assisted with our major donor development efforts.

Her creative writing skills are outstanding, and her knowledge and insight were very helpful in strategy sessions. I am happy to recommend Connie.

Terry Thompson
Director of Marketing & Development