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Connie ReeceHello. My name is Connie, and I'm a word-aholic.
      That's right, I'm addicted to the written word. Some people drink. Some do drugs. I string words together into sentences—and I've been doing it professionally for most of my adult life.
      I inherited this passion for words from my mother, an insatiable reader and my first teacher; I learned to read newspaper headlines while sitting in her lap. And I suppose I got my start as a writer while working for my father. He taught me to compose copy, type a stencil, run the mimeograph and addressograph, and bulk-sort a weekly newsletter for his auction business. I did everything but drop the mailing at the post office; hey, I was only twelve years old.
      The University of Texas is my alma mater. I graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in French and English. (The French, I've mostly forgotten, but the English studies paid off.)
      For three decades I've been a professional writer, speaker, fund-raiser and marketer. Currently I'm using my skills as a conversational writer to consult with companies about social media, public relations and marketing.

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